About Us

We are a UK based apparel company headed by a former Royal Marines Commando. We've pledged to kit you hero's out with the most badass gear on the market, that makes you look and feel like a super gucci operator!

At Bravo Two Two we understand that looking cool 24/7 makes everything easier,  we are here to assist you with that one awesome design at a time.

As a company we want to give back, so due to all the great work they do, we donate £1 from each sale to The Royal Marines Charity. If you don't know much, or anything about The Royal Marines Charity then click the link or go to the ‘Royal Marines Charity’ page of our website where you will find out what they are all about. You can also go direct to their website via the page.


Email orders@bravo22.co.uk for for more information.
£1 from each sale will go to the Royal Marines Charity.